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About Us

Mama Bessie's Place


In fall 2007, we opened the door of our small, family-owned and operated retail shop in Charlotte, North Carolina offering a diverse array of spiritual, religious, and metaphysical supplies, gifts and books. Since 2010 we have offered a small variety of products available in our shop at our e-store.  In celebration of our tenth year in business we are offering a new experience here at our online store. 


Mission Statement

Our emphasis is to continue to be a source for your spiritual, occult, metaphysical and religious supplies. We are a botanica for the Lucumi religion carrying a full line of ceremonial supplies as well as ritual supplies for Hoodoo, Wicca, Pagan and many other spiritual and religious traditions.  We carry a wide variety of candles, incense, herbs, sticks, and roots; spiritual oils, baths and floor washes; tumbled and natural gemstones, crystals and jewelry as well as divination tools – pendulums, tarot and oracle decks, crystal balls and runes.  Whether you are searching for a special altar candle, anointing oil, an herb, a gemstone or if you are simply looking to protect yourself and home, or to improve your work situation, enhance your love life and finances, our online store and shop are ready to assist you.

Who is Mama Bessie?

Mama Bessie is an African spirit who was a slave when she was on Earth.  Mama Bessie had knowledge of and continued to practice her African religion even as a slave in the United States. 

While we are searching to find where Mama Bessie lived and what she did we have pieces of her story.  When she lived on Earth she did not have children but they called her Mama Bessie because she mothered and nurtured everyone.

We are blessed to have Mama Bessie as a spiritual guide and guardian angel.  She has helped us through many trials and tribulations.  We were guided by Mama Bessie to open this shop and to share her with all of you.

Light, Progress and Evolution for the Spirits of Mama Bessie, Joshua Henry Smith, Francisco Gutierrez and Omi Agana, Jorge Fandino. 

God’s Blessings on You!


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